Beauty with a Purpose: Zero Waste Makeup Brands to Support

Many of us are trying to minimize our plastic footprint and reduce the amount we throw away. One of the most wasteful items in our everyday routine is often overlooked: Makeup. But luckily, some brands have made an effort to create products with less waste. In this article, I will name our top 9 zero-waste makeup brands and what makes them on this list.

What Are Zero-Waste Makeup Brands?

Zero-waste makeup brands are cosmetic companies that focus on making as little waste as possible while packaging and making their products. Their goal is to scale down the amount of trash their products make, so they often use packaging that can be reused, broken down, or composted. 

Zero-waste makeup brands also offer refills for their products, so customers can cut down on trash and save money. Most of the time, these companies think it’s essential to use natural, non-toxic, and animal-friendly ingredients. They also are committed to being eco-friendly and reducing their environmental footprint.

Beauty Zero Waste

The Transformation of Beauty Products

In today’s conscious world, the demand for zero waste makeup brands is skyrocketing, reflecting a universal shift towards sustainability and environmental responsibility in the beauty industry. Discerning consumers are championing zero waste makeup brands like Elate Cosmetics and RMS Beauty, not just for their impeccable quality but also for their commitment to ecological conservation.

Sustainable Makeup: Elevating Beauty and Responsibility

Zero waste makeup brands are redefining the market, bringing forward a harmonious amalgamation of aesthetics and eco-consciousness. Renowned zero waste makeup brands such as Clean Faced Cosmetics and Aether Beauty have positioned themselves as the epitomes of sustainable makeup, creating some of the best zero waste products enriched with certified organic components that promise to nourish the skin whilst preserving the environment.

Organic Ingredients: The Root of All Beauty

Zero waste makeup brands like Bee You Organic and Dab Herb Makeup are revolutionizing beauty by infusing their products with organic ingredients. These brands, embodying purity and natural goodness, are formulating beauty products that are a concoction of nurturing and wholesome elements, proving that zero waste makeup brands can indeed harmonize beauty with nature.

Sustainable Packaging: The Future of Beauty Products

Zero waste makeup brands, Elate Beauty and Kjaer Weis, are pioneering sustainable packaging, showcasing their commitment to the environment. The packaging of these zero waste makeup brands is not merely containers but artistic statements reflecting their ecological ethos and reducing environmental footprint, promoting a culture of recyclability and minimalism in the beauty industry.

Zero Waste Beauty Brands: Leading the Eco-Friendly Revolution

Besame Cosmetics and Eco Minerals are among the leading zero waste beauty brands offering a variety of eco-friendly makeup solutions. Zero waste makeup brands like Juice Beauty and Alima Pure are also contributing significantly, offering products like makeup remover and lip balm, which are not just environmentally responsible but also high in quality.

Redefining Beauty: Clean Faced Cosmetics and RMS Beauty

Zero waste makeup brands like Clean Faced Cosmetics and RMS Beauty are redefining industry standards by offering a range of sustainable beauty products that focus on eco-friendly practices. By incorporating environmental consciousness in every product, these zero waste makeup brands are leading a paradigm shift towards cleaner and more responsible beauty standards.

Luxurious Responsibility with Kjaer Weis and Bee You Organic

Zero waste makeup brands like Kjaer Weis and Bee You Organic are symbolizing the perfect blend of luxury and responsibility. These brands ensure every beauty product, from lip balms to makeup removers, is laced with sustainability and luxury, allowing consumers to experience lavishness without compromising on ecological values.

Innovative Beauty Solutions by Elate Cosmetics and Aether Beauty

Elate Cosmetics and Aether Beauty, prominent zero waste makeup brands, are offering innovative and sustainable beauty solutions. These brands are setting trends with their unique, high-quality, and responsible products, proving that zero waste makeup brands can be both distinctive and environmentally friendly.

Eco Minerals and Besame Cosmetics: Unveiling Sustainable Beauty

Zero waste makeup brands like Eco Minerals and Besame Cosmetics are unveiling the beauty in sustainability and quality. These brands have proved that being environmentally conscious and offering top-notch products can coexist, setting exemplary standards for other emerging zero waste makeup brands.

What to Look for a Zero Waste Makeup Brands

When looking for zero-waste makeup brands, consider the following:

Packaging: Look for brands that use minimal and recyclable packaging, such as glass or metal containers.

Ingredients: Look for natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients.

Refill options: Look for brands that offer refill options for their products, so you can reduce waste and save money.

Ethical and sustainable practices: Look for brands that use sustainable manufacturing practices and are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

Community and transparency: Look for transparent brands about their practices and engage with their community to promote sustainability and zero waste values.

Benefits of Top Zero Waste Makeup Brands

Using zero-waste makeup offers numerous benefits for both personal and environmental health. Here are some key benefits of switching to zero waste makeup:

1. No More Harsh Skin Effects

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which means that any chemicals you put on it are absorbed into your bloodstream. Unfortunately, harmful chemicals can severely impact your health, causing rashes, allergies, brittle nails, hair loss, color changes, and skin fading. 

But you can breathe easy with zero-waste beauty products. They typically lack the harsh chemicals that can cause these unpleasant effects.

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2. Promotes Eco-Friendly Packaging

Natural cosmetic brands opt for eco-friendly packagings like organic cotton bags or recyclable PET bottles, making them easy to recycle along with other plastic products. And since they’re made without harsh chemicals, they’re better for your skin and the environment.

If you’re all about being environmentally conscious, then zero-waste natural cosmetics are the way to go. They work great and positively impact the environment, plus they help reduce your carbon footprint.

Promotes Eco Friendly Packaging

3. Bye, Dry Skin and Breakouts

Traditional beauty products often contain synthetic oils that can dry out your skin, making you want to slather on more and more products to feel good. But this can quickly overload your skin, causing breakouts and irritation.

With zero-waste beauty products, you can avoid all that drama. They use natural oils that nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a soft, healthy complexion, without any dryness or breakouts.

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4. Long-Lasting Effects on Your Skin and the Planet

Conventional beauty products tend to have a short shelf life, requiring constant repurchasing and adding to the pile of non-recyclable plastic waste. But with zero waste natural cosmetics, you can skip all of that. They come in recyclable glass packaging or sustainable organic cotton bags, making them better for your skin and the environment.

It’s a no-brainer. Zero natural waste cosmetics are a win-win for your skin and the planet.

5. Beauty Without Harming the Planet

Traditional beauty products use chemicals as fuels, which can release a ton of pollution into the environment during manufacturing. But with zero waste natural cosmetics, things are different. They use biodegradable packaging instead of harmful CFCs and don’t contain nasty chemicals that can harm the environment.

So, it’s simple: choose zero-waste natural cosmetics for beautiful skin and a healthier planet.

Zero Waste Makeup Brands

1. Elate Cosmetics

Elate Cosmetics is all about sustainable, zero-waste makeup. They have a range of products that are either compostable or recyclable, and 75% of them are free from plastic. The products are made with bamboo, a sustainable material not treated with harsh chemicals.

Regarding packaging, Elate Cosmetics has got it all figured out. They use tin containers with small magnet that fits perfectly in their reusable bamboo palettes. When you’re done with the product, recycle the tin container and replace it with a refill that comes in a seed paper package. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also helps grow wildflowers!

And for their mascaras, lipsticks, and lip gloss, Elate Cosmetics uses a recyclable inner tube and bamboo outer casing. You can have fun crushing the outer bamboo layer for composting and then clean out the inner tube to recycle with your other household recyclables. Overall, Elate Cosmetics is doing its part to make the world greener, one product at a time.

2. Kindred Black

Kindred Black is a sustainable brand founded in 2015 by Alice Kindred Wells and Jennifer Black Francis. They offer all-natural, plastic-free skincare inspired by a slower, more mindful lifestyle.

Their luxe skincare line includes face, body, and hair oils and toners made with simple, clean ingredients. The packaging is just as lovely as the products, with hand-blown glass bottles and vials sealed with natural wax and compostable corks. Skilled artisans make these bottles in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the USA. The studio in Mexico is even sustainable, using used vegetable oil and methane gas for fuel and power.

In addition to skincare, Kindred Black also offers sustainable jewelry, clothing, and home goods.

3. Axiology

Ericka Rodriguez founded Axiology after being disappointed with the vegan lipsticks available. Now, they offer a range of zero-waste products, including lipsticks, lip balms, lip crayons, and hand care items, all made with a mission to create the most ethical lipsticks out there. Their focus started with creating clean, “evil-free” lipsticks and has since expanded to a broader range of products.

With 70% of the ingredients being organic, like avocado oil, orange essential oil, elderberry extract, coconut oil, and grape seed oil, you can trust that your pout is in good hands. And, instead of using traditional plastic tubes, their “Balmies” 3-in-1 lipstick, eye tint, and cheek tint come in the form of paper-wrapped crayons. Plus, their packaging is all compostable, even the outer boxes!

4. Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon is a brand with a rich history of herbal remedies, and natural healing passed down through generations. They use only ethically and organically sourced plants to create their products, which are handcrafted for each order, with self-care and self-love at their core.

With cruelty-free and natural ingredients, Fat & the Moon is a go-to for zero-waste makeup. Their products come in small glass jars or tin pots, and they prioritize using recyclable and reusable containers and minimizing excess packaging.

Their cheek and lip paint comes in stunning shades that flatter all skin tones, while the eye coal is available in a bold lapis blue or eye-catching almost-neon green. Use the eye coal as a liner or shadow to match your mood and personal style.

5. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Danielle White, the founder of Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, grew up in a beautiful, natural part of Australia that taught her to cherish the environment at a young age. After pursuing a career and later returning to her childhood home, she was saddened by the amount of plastic pollution she saw on her favorite beaches.

Danielle created Dirty Hippie Cosmetics by combining her passion for experimenting with makeup and her growing concern for the environment. It started small, with a few essential zero-waste products like BB creams, tooth powders, and deodorants, but it has since grown into a beloved brand in the sustainable beauty world.

6. Nudi Goods

Nudi Goods is about zero-waste beauty, with a simple line of must-have makeup products. Founder Jamie Boddorff started the brand in 2017 after studying and working with marine animals. She was disturbed by the impact of plastic waste on these creatures and wanted to do something about it.

At Nudi Goods, everything is handmade with minimal ingredients and no plastic packaging, so you can feel good about looking good.

7. Bésame

Gabriela Hernandez, a designer and cosmetic historian, started Bésame Cosmetics in 2004. She combined her love for history and cosmetics to create unique, historically inspired makeup collections built to last and minimize waste. Bésame has become a go-to for a growing number of fans who appreciate the brand’s commitment to being environmentally conscious and waste-free.

8. Vyana

Vyana is a Swedish vegan zero-waste makeup brand founded by a woman. They use only natural, healing, and sustainable ingredients like hibiscus powder, organic beet powder, and organic rosehip. Their ingredient lists are short, with only 5-8 items per product. 

Everything they make is plant or mineral-based, even their tints. They’ve gone palm oil-free, and their packaging is eco-friendly, with containers made from recycled plastic tins, metal tins, and cardboard tubes. Their lipsticks come in refillable tubes made from 100% recycled plastic.

9. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

All Mineral Cosmetics is a UK-based, award-winning zero waste makeup brand that handmakes all its products in Kent or Cornwall. They focus on ethical ingredient sourcing, especially for their minerals, which they only get from child-labor-free sources. Not only do they offer refillable and reusable packaging, but they also have an Eco Swap program where you can send back containers for recycling through Terracycle. 

Their line has everything you need for a zero-waste makeup routine – from foundation to illuminator and lip and eye tint – and is made with plant and non-nano minerals, free of harmful stuff like parabens, alcohol, sulfates, gluten, and synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and binders. Plus, their packaging is plastic-free and either recyclable glass or aluminum, with refills in compostable tubes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you know?

Many zero waste makeup brands go beyond sustainable packaging and also focus on eco-conscious ingredient sourcing. They prioritize natural, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring that their products not only reduce waste but also align with ethical and environmentally friendly principles. Choosing zero waste makeup allows you to enhance your beauty while contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Author’s Note

Zero-waste makeup brands are paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in the beauty industry. From using ethically sourced, child-labor-free ingredients to providing refillable and reusable packaging, these brands are making it more comfortable for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. 

By opting for non-nano minerals, avoiding harsh chemicals, and offering compostable tubes, these companies set a high bar for the industry to follow. By supporting zero-waste makeup brands, we can help create a greener and more sustainable world for generations.

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