What to Do With Old Phones: 8 Great Ideas To Turn Your Old Phones Into Something Useful

Statistics show that most U.S. people upgrade their phones or tablets every two years. Even though this is not the case for you, most people eventually upgrade their devices. But the question is, what do you do with your device after you no longer need it?

You may swap your old phone, give it as a gift, donate it, or store it at home. Or, you may reuse them to make a radio, game console, e-reader, media center, or other parts for some other device.

You will learn what to do with old phones and how to repurpose them in this post. Find out more about recycling old devices than simply giving them away. 

What to Do With Old Phones: 8 Best Ideas

1. Turn Your Old Phone Into a Webcam

Now is the perfect time to convert your old smartphone into a webcam. You can use your phone’s camera as surveillance or a security camera if you set this up correctly. You can use Zoom, google chat, or Skype. Try setting up the camera in low-light environments with the help of an LED light strip for a better picture. Remember that even an outdated smartphone’s camera is better than a laptop’s built-in webcam or no webcam at all.

Turn Your Old Phone Into a Webcam

2. Turn Your Old Phone Into a Gaming Device

The electronics industry creates 2.6 pounds of electronic waste per American daily, with 80% of that waste ending up in landfills. As these devices contain heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and carcinogens, they have the potential to cause serious environmental harm.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn your old cell phone or android device into a miniature retro Game Boy. All you need is an android device with the right specs and a 50$ Hyperkin SmartBoy Mobile Device.

You’ll need the Game Boy cartridges (unless you still have them) to play them. Or, if you don’t have the cartridges, you can still play Game Boy Advance apps.

3. Turn It Into an External Storage

Images and videos take so much time and space. However, not all phones come with ample internal storage. So what do you do when you’ve filled up your device? You can transfer photos and videos to your computer to free up space on your device or offload them to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc. But if you have an old phone lying around, you can use it as external storage for your computer.

Additionally, you may use your old phone as a camera and bring it to places you wouldn’t ordinarily take your new phone. For instance, if you visit a lake or beach, you may snap images without as much concern about dropping your phone.

What to Do With Old Phones

4. Turn It Into a Universal Remote

Did you know you can use your Android phone as a universal remote? Using an app, you can control almost every aspect of your home using your phone. You can even use your phone to remotely turn on and off lights, control your TV, and even open the doors to your home! Just make sure it’s in sync with the WiFi. 

5. Use Your Old Device as Google Home

It’s easy to convert your Android phone into a Google Home smart speaker, and no apps are required. Make sure your phone has the recent version of Android so you can use “OK, Google.” Then link your phone to a speaker. Make sure both devices are always hooked in and turned on. You’ll be able to command it in no time. The best news is that you will not have to pay $129 for a Google Home.

6. Turn It Into a Wireless Mouse

It can be frustrating when your wireless mouse dies out of the blue. Having a backup is good, and it doesn’t take long to turn your phone into a mouse. To do this, you’ll need to download an app like Remote Mouse.

After installing the software, connect your phone and PC to the same wifi network, and wave goodbye to your mouse. Keep it in your laptop bag when you’re on the road and need to work at a coffee shop.

7. Turn Your Old Phone Into a Music Player

Get the most out of your old phone by turning it into your music player. Instead of letting it collect dust in a drawer, you can turn it into a cheap, portable music player you can carry wherever you go.

You don’t have to do anything complicated; all you have to do is download a new program onto your phone, connect it via USB to your PC, and load the songs you want to listen to onto your phone. For best use, you might as well get Bluetooth earphones so you won’t have to worry about wires.

Turn Your Old Phone Into a Music Player

8. Use Your Old Device as a Gym Device

If you have an old phone, you can use it as a gym device. You can download apps for your phone that track your runs and workouts. This will ensure that you do not miss any exercises and help to keep your fitness on track. You can also use a pedometer to track your daily steps; this can be motivating and fun as you work towards reaching your goal of walking a certain distance each day. 

Alternatively, you can use the GPS on your phone to track your run or bike ride; this can help you reach your desired distance each day and help you achieve your training goals. If getting lost in music is your thing, you can also download some workout playlists to keep you motivated! But make sure you reformat the device to uninstall unnecessary apps, remove the sim card, and don’t sign in to Facebook, Twitter, and others to prevent that unnecessary notifications.

There are tons of ways you can turn your old devices into something useful and valuable to you. Some apps will suit your every need, whether for entertainment or work purposes!

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