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Edible bowls have been all the rage in recent years. What’s not to love? They’re both edible and environmentally conscious. In many ways, edible wheat bowls are the latest fad in gourmet cuisine. 

Biotrem, a leading company, has provided disposable, biodegradable bowls that look a lot like ceramic dishes and taste amazing. These can also be healthier for people and for the environment as well. Today’s dive tells you about Biotrem and Wheat Bran tableware for home use. 

What is Biotrem?

Manufacturing disposable wheat bran tableware is a clean and environmentally friendly process that uses natural raw materials – wheat bran and water. The final product is accomplished through the use of high pressure and high temperature.

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Biotrem Technology

Biotrem is a Polish technology business developing a new manufacturing process for biodegradable tableware and packaging materials. The patented method enables the company to make biodegradable disposable tableware using organic raw materials that are environmentally friendly, such as wheat bran, corn bran, cassava by-products, seaweed, algae, and other sustainable organic resources.

With over 5 million Euros in research and development expenditures so far, the company is constantly working on new developments in shapes, raw materials, and manufacturing.

A self-sufficient manufacturing facility and cutting-edge machine (developed internally and patent-protected) enable Biotrem to deliver its products to a broad range of mass-market customers, including selected restaurant chains and premium retailers. Biotrem distributes its products either directly or through independent distributors.

Biotrem Production

Biotrem’s current production line is capable of producing around 15 million pieces of biodegradable disposable plates, bowls, and trays per year, according to company estimates. There is constant access to high-quality raw materials at their production plant in Zambrow, located in Poland’s ecologically pure and traditionally agricultural region.

According to the corporation, standardization and reproducibility of the manufacturing process ensure a speedy and straightforward response to the expanding market demand. The family owners have been active in the milling industry for more than a century.

Biotrem Ecology

Compared to traditional disposable tableware made of paper or plastic, Biotrem’s disposable goods made of wheat bran are an excellent alternative to conventional throwaway tableware made of paper or plastic. Biotrem’s manufacturing technique does not use extensive water, natural resources, or chemical compounds.

Biotrem can make up to 10,000 plates or bowls from one ton of pure, edible wheat bran. What’s more, these bowls are fully biodegradable through composting in just 4-5 weeks.

Wheat Bran Tableware for Home Use?

Biotrem’s disposable tableware is ideal for home or office usage. These disposable products are made of wheat bran and are a more environmentally friendly alternative to other throwaway products made of treated papers, cards or plastic. The production of these plastic alternatives is frequently not ecologically friendly, as it often has bleaches and chemical coatings.

In addition to serving hot and cold dishes, Biotrem’s wheat bran dinnerware can be used in regular or microwave ovens and is also able to be stored in the freezer.

The plates, bowls, and silverware are solid, and they can be used securely in outdoor or indoor use. Plates, bowls, platters, and trays are manufactured from clean edible wheat bran that is entirely safe to eat off of and chew on.

Use them for parties, weddings, outdoor gatherings, fireworks displays, and any other occasion where you require a strong plate that will not create a waste problem.

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Edible Tableware

Plastics are made of synthetic or “man-made” materials, barely impossible to break down and disintegrate. It could take hundreds of years for your disposable plastic plate to decompose completely. Furthermore, eating hot food from plastic containers may damage one’s health because high temperatures can cause toxins to seep into the meal.


Biotrem delivers an attractive, practical alternative to single-use plastics. The company manufactures biodegradable, single-use plates, bowls, and silverware from wheat bran, a by-product of the grain milling process. Lately, the company’s products recently garnered attention at Toronto’s Green Living Show.

Because of its high fiber content, wheat bran is an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

  • The wheat bran tableware is made of wheat bran.
  • These plates and bowls can handle hot and cold liquid or solid foods. It’s also microwaveable.
  • It will only take a ton of wheat barn to process up to 10,000 biodegradable plates.
  • These biodegradable cups and plates, which are also edible, have the potential to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfills.

Biotrem wheat bowls are trendy and relatively popular at the moment. That’s because these wheat bowls are a great way to eat your rice without the need for any pots or pans.

They can also be eaten with salads or soup right out of the package, so they can quickly be taken on the go or even stored at room temperature for days.

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