Top Cities With the Best Public Transportation in the World

Public transportation can be a bane of your existence, but that’s not always the case, and it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’ll look over the best public transportation in the world that has proven that public transportation is anything you can wish for.

Best Public Transportation in the World

1. Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system boasts the greatest customer satisfaction rate anywhere in the world, with 86 percent of users satisfied with its services. With nearly 130 stations and 200 kilometers of track, the heavy rail rapid transport system covers the island’s center and rural northwest. The MRT also supports Singapore’s environmental requirements, such as lowering water use and recycling garbage.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

2. New York Transit

With a total of 472 stations, New York City has the world’s biggest subway system in terms of station count. Fifty-six percent of the city’s population utilizes public transit, with more than half traveling to and from work. On a 24-hour basis, New York Transit also serves nearby Long Island and New Jersey.

3. Germany – Berlin U-Bahn

The Berlin U-Bahn is third on this list of the largest subway systems and one of the most advanced metro systems in the world. The Berlin U-Bahn is a critical component of Berlin’s public transportation system and a fast transit railway in the German capital. Along with the S-Bahn, this train service operates mainly in the eastern portions of the city and is the primary mode of transportation in the capital. The daily ridership of the Berlin U-Bahn is 1.51 million passengers. The Berlin U-Bahn is the most extensive underground transit system in Germany.

Germany Berlin U Bahn 1

4. The London Underground, or the Tube

The London Underground, or the Tube, links to counties Buckinghamshire, Essex, and Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and ranks 4th on our list. It’s the first-ever underground metro in the world. The tube has about 270 stations. Five million people use it daily, and 1.35 billion people every year.

The London Underground

5. Seoul – Seoul Metropolitan Subway

The home of Hyundai and LG Electronics would almost certainly have an excellent transportation infrastructure. With over 2.6 billion passengers per year at $0.98 for each ride, it still continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. They also have an excellent taxi system that people can ride to airports and train stations.

6. Paris

Indeed, the city of romance and light. While most people see themselves wandering around Paris while holding a coffee or a loved one’s hand, the city is also renowned for its excellent public transit, maybe the largest in Europe. With almost 300 stations, it almost looks like it’s impossible to understand the system, but it’s actually pretty simple. The Paris Métro is primarily underground and 214 kilometers (133 miles) long, with 302 stations, about 62 of which have transfer lines.

Paris Metro

7. Taipei, Taiwan

Next on the list is Taipei MRT. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and the place with the highest population density on the island. Its public transportation system is among the best in the world. While sometimes overlooked by its neighbors, Taipei’s public transportation system also merits recognition. The Taiwanese capital is often regarded as a fantastic location, thanks partly to the MRT’s simplicity of use.

Taipei Taiwan

8. Madrid

The Madrid Metro, a rapid transport system serving the city of Madrid, Spain’s capital, was seventh in our list of the top ten most excellent transit systems in the world in 2020. With an overall length of 293 kilometers, the Madrid Metro is the world’s 12th most extended rapid transit system. The Madrid Metro transports 657.21 million passengers every year, earning the spot of the world’s largest subway system. 

Madrid Metro

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of the notable features of Dubai’s public transportation is the sheer number of alternatives for connecting people to locations. For instance, it is typical to use a water taxi to travel the Arabian Gulf. Not a fan of traveling by sea? It’s very accessible to use the monorail, the tram, or one of the many buses that link the city.

Dubai monorail

10. Shanghai’s Public Transit System

Shanghai is the most populated city in the world, and its public transportation system is responsible for transporting over 2 billion people every year, making its high performance all the more remarkable. The city also has big ambitions for the future, including expanding its transportation options. Subway lines are planned to be five times longer than all of Hong Kong’s MTR, Airport Express, and Light Rail lines by 2030.

Shanghais Public Transit System

11. Zurich’s Public Transit System

Not only is it simple and hassle-free to get about inside Zurich, but traveling to and from the city is also quite convenient. You may purchase a Swiss Go Pass, which provides access to various trains, buses, and boats that transport you to the countryside and lovely local villages. With this pass, you can link from the internal network to the network after leaving the city.

12. Prague’s Public Transit System

Many people admire the city’s unique ticketing system, which costs based on how long your commute rather than where you go – a straightforward and fair method. And the city receives extra credit for its historical flair. Tram Line No. 41 transports passengers in a vintage streetcar from the 1920s, complete with wooden seats. The line is open on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays from April to November.

Pragues Public Transit System

13. Moscow, Russia

Moscow rates well in terms of affordability, convenience, and efficiency. The system also performs well in terms of long-term growth, with significant consideration given to its expansion, twelve metro lines move millions of passengers across the city Daily. People can also use buses, trams, and trains. Furthermore, because of its elaborate themes evocative of Imperial Russia, the metro stations are well-known for being among the most beautiful in the world.

Author’s Note

To conclude, it can be said that the best public transport systems worldwide are world-class and could be adopted by any city with an effective public transport network. Which system do you think is the best? Which system would you move to? Let us know in the comments below!

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